The Making of a Tea Cup Hat

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Creating A Tea Cup Hat From Scratch

Last week I received an email from an advertising company in Durban, asking me if it was possible to make 20-30 tea cup hats! I had never made a tea cup hat before but the idea has been in mind for some time. I had planned initially to design a tea cup hat for the Top Billing magazine photo shoot, which I did last month. In the end I decided that I would rather go with the sophistication of a miniature top hat.

The advertising company sent me some photos, with the instruction that their client was looking for an air of sophistication and glamour. The photos that I was sent looked more comical than sophisticated and the challenge was just up my alley! I love trying something new and always aim to produce a superior product to the one I was originally shown.

I suggested that we first begin with a sample and then look at the full production . The shape of the cup was my biggest challenge but I soon discovered the perfect trick. I really did have to think out of the box for this one and I am sure people would be amazed if they knew what I had used for the blocking bases of both the cup and saucer!

Once I had worked out the base level construction, everything just fell into place. I chose to do the cup and saucer in silk and the tea in chiffon, with the base finished in black satin. I completed the sample yesterday and it is now on its way to Durban, for a client briefing. If all goes to plan I will be swimming in the construction of Tea Cup Hats for the next few weeks!

If the customer decides differently, at least I will have learnt a new trick or two! That’s why I love my work! I don’t mean to sound mysterious but all the information on the full construction of on my Tea Cup Hat will be in my next Ebook, focusing on the construction of Miniature Top Hats. If you are interested in learning more, please forward me your contact details with the subject line Miniature Top Hats.