Hat Restoration Services

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If you have spent a pretty penny on your hat and now find yourself in need of  a professional Milliners’ block and knack, then JKM will give you that!

At JK Millinery we create our hats from concept through to production and retail. Often we service our clients with our specialized sizing and reshaping techniques, offering our clients the personal service the head so readily deserves.  We realize that although there are hundreds of hat retailers there is a great lack for proper fitment and restoration of our most favorite hats and head wear.

Many of our clients also travel internationally with their hats and as we know some  hats can become easily damaged and bruised. Since we at JKM create hats from scratch, we know exactly how to breath the life back into your old favorite hats and head wear…so give us a chance to prove it! Gentleman and Ladies your Panamas deserve a wash and a press and block to take them back to their  higher former days of flare and fancy. Dented and dirty head wear is not necessary, nor is buying a new hat when you have several in the back of the closet that simply need some TLC!

JKM  offers:

1. professional head sizing service…allowing for the perfect fit and comfort.

2. re-blocking of your crown

3. re-blocking of your brim

4.removal of dents and hat trauma


5. fixing, mending , restoration

For more than 15 years I have offered this service to the South African  Film industry. I have taken flattened pancake hats and brought them back to their vintage glory. Re-blocking and re-shaping, cleaning and restoration has been one of the main teaching avenues of my career. I learnt the most about hats by simply looking at how the slow crafters of the past had created them. I was fortunate to have been given this responsibility once again for The Long Walk To Freedom, Nelson Mandela Story. I fixed and re blocked hundreds of hats for that project. I really do do the blocking work myself as it makes no sense to stand and give instruction to another….. you have to feel the style of the hat and each one has a personality…that is not something that you can easily teach to another.