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We are a little Bespoke Millinery and Hat Making Business. Our Hat Shops are situated at the Watershed, V&A Waterfront and in the De Waterkant, Cape Town, South Africa.

The Hat Studio, in the trendy De Waterkant, offers its clients, an individual and personal experience at expressing their crowns. At JKM we create short Hat Ranges, not Seasonal Collections. Our ranges last until they are sold out. We are constantly changing our fabrics and patterns to offer a fresh range to our clients every few weeks.

Please feel free to pop by and compare the styling and fabrics offered at JKM.

Authentically African with a cosmopolitan twist flared through its creators. Unlike shoes we have not really explored the various styles and shapes that the head wear world affords. At JKM you will be treated to a delicious variety of hats and head wear for both men, women and children.

Customers having discovered JKM at the Watershed are excited to have a unique and Quirky Milliner on their doorstep. We pride ourselves on our quality and our commitment to returning to natural materials and local fabrics and trims wherever possible. We know that not every hat has been made for every head! Hats and heads are as varied in expression and style as those who wear them.

If your individuality is something which you wish to express then this is your hat home! If your attention to detail and balance is aligned to ours then you have found your hat hub! The JKM Watershed offers you all of our creations to view and fit. Often you will find even more than what we have seen online as the Head Milliner Jacqueline Kolbe is constantly sourcing new fabrics and creating new patterns.

‘My need to create forces me to try new fabrics and patterns on a weekly basis. Having the mobility and ability to move from one style to another has kept me hooked and invigorated in the craft of Millinery! Feel free to challenge me, no head is too big, or too small to be crowned and adorned!’ – Jacqueline Kolbe

JK Millinery is proud to be associated and affiliated in practice with the growing

Slow Fashion Movement! 

The Slow Fashion Movement is based on the same principles of the Slow Food Movement, as the alternative to mass-produced clothing. The Slow Clothing Movement was intended to reject all mass-produced clothing, referring only to clothing made by hand, but has broadened to include many interpretations and is practiced in various ways. Some examples of slow fashion practices include:

  • Opposing and boycotting mass-produced fashion (AKA “Fast-Fashion” or “McFashion”).
  • Choosing artisan products to support smaller businesses, fair trade and locally-made clothes.
  • Buying secondhand or vintage clothing and donating unwanted garments.
  • Choosing clothing made with sustainable, ethically-made or recycled fabrics.
  • Choosing quality garments that will last longer, transcend trends (a “classic” style), and be repairable.
  • Doing it yourself – making, mending, customizing, altering, and up-cycling your own clothing.
  • Slowing the rate of fashion consumption: buying fewer clothes less often.

Slow Fashion is “quality over quantity”. This phrase is used to summarize the basic principles of slowing down the rate of clothing consumption by choosing garments that last longer.

Collections Women’s Ranges: Top Hats:. Fascinators Cocktail Hats Sinamay Hats Sun Hats Bandanna Unisex

Men’s Ranges: Top Hats 5 Panel Cap JKM Golfer ( Flat Cap Style ) Pork Pie Fedora Theatrical and Costume Hats & Headdresses