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  • All of the Hats and Caps that you see on the JK Millinery website, have been created by 3 women at our

    Millinery Hat Studio in

    De Waterkant, Cape Town, South Africa

    JKM The Hat Lady

    Head Milliner

    I chose to specialize in all the  hat making, and millinery techniques which cover the vast spectrum of hat and cap creations. As a designer and a milliner, I made a conscious decision not to limit my abilities to just one cap but learn as much as I could about a single craft which had all but become extinct back in 1993.

    “It was and has always been my goal to acquire as much knowledge as possible. This is why when I am asked, ‘Which Hat would best express who I am, I truthfully I have no answer.  As a creative person I have felt it a great challenge not to give into societies need to stop and specialize when it came to creating hats.

    Once I felt I had understood one aspect of Hat making, it was always presumed that I would start a factory. I moved on to another and then another. Each time moving onto the unknown and starting from scratch.  I believe that is the opportunity time and age affords you. In viewing my website you will experience the vast spectrum of design and millinery techniques which I have been fortunate to learn and utilize within my creations over the last 23 years.

    The variety of expression and technical know how is a testament to my years and knowledge. In truth having the millinery spectrum of film, fantasy and fashion is probably the reason this Milliner kept going. I simply had no time to get bored and the challenge was and still is truly humbling….

    Perhaps Millinery is one of those Crafts in which you can remain a student all through your profession. I would admit that I would most definitely fall into that category. Enjoy!

    JK Millinery Now Available @ The Watershed, V&A Waterfront

     We are open at The Watershed 10 am-7 pm, 7 days a week.  If you would like to speak to The Milliner, or you would like to make an appointment, please call Jacqueline directly on +27 837393079.